Canobolas~Smith Wines

Phone: 02 6365 6113
Address: 76 Boree Lane, (off Cargo Road), Lidster 2800  NSW
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The Smith family established Canobolas-Smith Wines in 1986 after a detailed site selection search by winemaker and viticulturist, Murray Smith. The unirrigated vineyard of eight hectares is at an elevation of 800m on the northern slopes of Mt. Canobolas, near Orange N.S.W.
The average annual rainfall is 850mm and snow falls each winter. The soil is a free-draining clay loam derived from basalt. The vines are planted on own roots at a spacing of 1.5m x 2.25m (3000 vines/ha) in north-south row orientation. Vines are cane-pruned (Double Guyot) with the cordon wire at 0.75m. Vines are handpicked in 1-2 tonne lots to capture each portion of the vineyard at optimum maturity.