Charlie Svenson

Master Fisherman, Research Scientist & Winemaker at Nashdale’s De Salis Wines

A long and winding road has brought Charlie Svenson to vineyard ownership and wine production at De Salis Wines in Nashdale. His long held passion for food started at sea. As a master fisherman, he ran a lobster and barramundi boat in the Torres Strait, which also doubled as a floating store to the isolated populations in the region. Charlie’s career then turned to research science at UNSW before giving up his ‘day job’ to pursue his winemaking passions with Canobolas Smith. After moving to Orange and a stint at Charles Sturt University, Charlie purchased ‘Lofty Vineyard’ on the slopes of Mount Canobolas in 2009 and he now produce wine from the highest altitude vineyard in the region. Charlie’s philosophy to wine is aligned to a chef’s philosophy to food – choosing the best produce in season and artistically developing the flavour, enhancing but not changing its uniqueness and regionality.