Joan Stevenson

Manildra’s Trash-to-Treasure Historian, Amusu Theatre & Museum

A desire to preserve history has been the driver behind Manildra’s Trash-to-Treasure Historian, Joan Stevenson. Some of Joan’s most prized pieces have been sourced from the local rubbish tip. Joan displays her finds as part of the Amusu Theatre and adjoining museum. The museum is in an old shed which is jam-packed with an eclectic range of items. It all started with movie memorabilia, but has expanded into any item that tells a story, ranging from gramophones to autograph books; a stuffed quoll to vintage magazines. While Joan doesn’t make a habit of trolling through the garbage – workers let her know if anything of historical value is unearthed like suitcases full of exquisitely embroidered linen and photo albums bound in leather full of old photos.