Marty Oliver

Borenore Brewhouse Founder

Not that long ago the foodie tours of the region were strictly for wine-lovers. An exciting new culture is emerging with the development of a range of other hand-crafted beverages. For Borenore’s Marty Oliver, following his passion for good quality beer has paid off. An IT specialist, Marty has drawn on his engineering and electrical skills to develop his own brewery – Borenore Brewhouse. Marty is known for his out-of-the-box thinking and innovative approach. Since opening in 2014, Borenore has released beers that range from a pale ale and wheat beer through to Belgian Abbey style ale and a Baltic Chocolate Porter. Marty has also introduced the concept of “day-fresh-beer” to the local markets via a stainless steel swap and go “Growler” offering a straight from the brewery experience to takeaway. Linking up with other like-minded businesses, Marty feels the region is fast building a reputation as a crafted beer destination. A strong presence at food events such as Orange F.O.O.D Week, Wine Week, Slow Food, 100 Mile Dinner and the highly popular new Crafted LIVE is helping to put the area and the industry on the map.